The Hops Citrus 4 Pack

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Atlantic Farms Lip Balms has created products using the almighty hops flower as it’s central focus.  We formulated these balms to be nutrient rich and ultra moisturizing.  We start by steeping citrusy and strong varieties of hops, like Chinook and Cascade, in virgin olive oil to get those resinous qualities into our recipes.  Coconut and hemp seed oils blended with organic beeswax and enriched with vitamin e, create a rich and creamy base for us to use as a jump off point for adding our flavours. All of our lip balms have finely ground dried hops to give a nice texture and hoppy finish.

This special 4 pack includes Hops Lemon, Hops Lime, Hops Grapefruit and Hops Tangerine lip balms.

All of our balms have a nice helping of natural, raw stevia for that sweet touch on your lips.

Atlantic Farms uses all natural products.  We never test on animals.

Each tube is approx. .15 ounces


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