Hops Body Wash


Our obsession with the almighty hops flower has lead us to create this new body wash.

Made with all the moisturizing & replenishing qualities as our shampoo and conditioner, this pure castile soap transcends hair and covers a full body experience. Simple and natural is what we’ve achieved by blending our signature mix of vegetable oils, organic botanicals, honey and our signature hops infused olive oil.  We’ve stayed connected to our roots and made the uniquely, exotic aromas of Cascade & Chinook Hops the center of this soap. As always the naturally therapeutic properties of hops shines through.

Hops Body Wash uses a whopping dose of hops flower essential oils along with rosemary, grapefruit and fir needle essential oils.

Atlantic Farms uses all natural products.  We never test on animals.

Each bottle is 16 oz. 

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